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I am using a Logitech Force 3D Pro flying the  standard B737-800. When I switch off the autopilot and take over the manually Control, the reaction of the plane is crazy. I can use only 2 -3 % of the joy stick axis to move the rudders. I test all adjustments what is inside x--plane. Nothing was helpful. Is there a way to bring the reaction of the joy stick down to work as a good pilot?

At the moment it is a hard job to bring the plane down to the RWY, poor paxes angry.

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Horst K

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Sorry, after reading the manual again, I found the right way to adjust the response of my joy stick. At the moment I use 90%, damping 75%, than it´s works with the B737 smiley.

I observe, that it was not always stored after adjusting. The best way is to check it again after the first start. Than it should work.

May be this will help other users too.