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i use LINUX (now windows, no mac!) and i've now x-plane 11. I can configure my joystick "Logitech Force 3D Pro", but x11 will not keep it. If i start the game, i can recofigure it, but it i can play only with the mouse - and that isn't funny! Is there a way to config this joystick, so that i can use it on x11?

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Try checking to see if Logitech Force 3D is compatible with xplane 11. If it is try setting it up (calibration). I use the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro on my mac. Not sure about LINUX though.
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Check as BlueSea Corporation, suggested,

also XPForce for X-plane are bringing out a Linux version of Force Feedback.

also check Logitech,

Sorry, I can't be more specific, but I use Windows 7 and a Wingman Strike Force 3D Joystick with X-Plane 11.

Good luck,