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My Ravcore Javelin joystick does not work properly in X-Plane 11. It is seen in calibration setting and I can calibrate it, but does not work when flying. The strangest thing is that some buttons work properly but most of them, especially axes, do not work. Please help. Running OS X El Capitan.

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This joystick does not come with a default configuration file so you will need to assign all axes and buttons yourself. For help with this please see the manual.

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Yes, I know. I have done it already. I assigned all axes and buttons myslef.  In configuration setting everything works perfect. But once I click Start a flight it stops working. Only few buttons work but most of them and axes do not.
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For any further troubleshooting you will need to attach a copy of the log.txt after quitting X-Plane with these devices plugged in, as well as a screenshot of the joysticks settings screen.
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log.txt file

imageDownload file


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The log is filed with info that shows the device is not calibrated and no axes have been assigned:

0:00:07.248 E/JOY: UNCALIBRATED AXIS DETECTED: RAVCORE JAVELIN  (VID:4544PID:22023) Axis #3, assigned to joy_use_none, has an expected min/max range of [0.000000, 1023.000000], but is calibrated for [8999999488.000000, -8999999488.000000]. You should recalibrate the device in the Settings menu.

Please go to Settings > Graphics and recalibrate the device. Then assign axes by using the drop down menus. If you want the axes to work, they can NOT be set to "none." Example: Move your joystick or yoke forward and back. One of the bars should move as you do so. Click the drop-down menu next to it and set it to pitch.