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The potential of my PC is not fully used, but i get so low fps! How can i fix this? Maybe do you have a solution for this?

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I do not have a solution to suggest.  However, I’d offer my opinion/observation that we rarely achieve full utilization of the CPU running X-Plane; and the FPS that you’re experiencing is not unexpected.  While only an X-Plane software developer can give you a qualified explanation on the utilization.

The low GPU loading shown is indicative of the system being CPU-bound running under your current settings.  The settings on the right side of Graphics Settings page (i.e. World Objects and Reflection) have the most impacts on the CPU, while those settings on the left side (Visual Effects etc.) demand power from the GPU.  So by lowering the “Number of World Objects”, you might see an increase on GPU utilization, because bandwidth from the CPU may now be diverted into keeping the GPU busier.  The FPS may benefit as a result of higher overall utilization. 

You system spec is good, but not high end.  With X-Plane being X-Plane, and to run at high graphics settings, the first thing comes to my  mind on boosting the FPS is by upgrading to a higher GHz CPU.  More RAM may also be needed.

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Try switching Windows Defender off and any other antivirus software

plus what version of Xplane 11 are you using

and what’s  Graphics card do you have installed
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Hi Rsut,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Leave your antivirus alone.  You will need it for other programs used on your PC.  Make sure you are connected to your PC as the administrator when running X-Plane. 

Does your PC meet the system requirements found at  Flight simmers usually go for the "recommended" system requirements.

It is well known within the X-Plane flight sim fraternity that AMD CPUs and GPUs do not give the best performance.  When Vulkan is introduced into X-Plane (when ?) there should be an improvement  for AMD products.

What version of X-Plane are you using?  If it is not the genuine, original and official version from Laminar Research then most likely you are using a 3rd party modified hybrid version.  If so, you need to read an answer provided at 

If running the LR version and your system meets the system requirements then you should have a look at the following link found at

If all still proves to be satisfactory then attach your log.txt file so that others with a greater knowledge base than me may be able to provide a solution to your problem.


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I downloaded the demo today and I have a 2080TI with i9 CPU and I get around 20fps (ok that's in VR). My GPU is only utilized for around 50%.

I might have expected this in an 20 year old sim like FSX, but this can't be true in a modern software package imo.