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so my system is back at it again with the stuttering. before it was stuttering and then i just got sick and tired of it so i just reinstalled windows 10. then 1 week later it started again. I hope someone out there has an answer. 

gtx 980 

i5 4690k

16 gb ddr3 

1080p monitor

log.txt ^

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Hi, first of all, I would move X-plane 11 folder directly to the root of your D:\ drive.

And then, mainly, I would try and delete the entire ...\X-plane 11\Output\Preferences folder. You will have to set everything again, but it will be almost like coming back to a clean install.

About your X-plane graphic settings, very important, shadows off, Vsync disabled, objects not too high, effects not too high, Something like that should be satisfying (30-40 fps depending on where you are) :

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thank you very much! works like a charm now.

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