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so I got x plane 11 a couple months ago, and when I first started it was fine but now there is a huge problem. STUTTERING. I can be at 50 frames per sec and still, it happens. also, it is not only just when you are playing in the game but the menu and replay mode is also affected. it makes it completely unplayable.

imageDownload file

I'll include the log.txt to help. and yes I have reinstalled x plane and tried all the setting changes. nothing works.


my system

gtx 980

16 gb ddr3 

MSI motherboard 

i5 4690k water cooled 

one 1080p monitor 


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Hi, you should follow these settings and see if you still have the problem :


Mainly, you should try threaded optimisation off in your Nvidia control panel settings.

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Guillaume AMELINE
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yea. none of that worked so I just reinstalled windows and now it is perfect. thank you guys for all the help.
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Good to know, thanks for your feedback.

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