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I can not install. my error screen will be attached

Today I buy this product in 'Mypilot store' website

but when I install. it occur error.

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It could be a temporary issue with the download server. Please try again or check your firewall and internet connection. Attaching a copy of the installer log.txt from the desktop may have more information as well.
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Now I tried. but It occur same problem.

I attached log file and please check this.


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I tried the installer again and had an error the first time, but was able to start downloads after then. What country are you located in?
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Like another recent case on this site, the installer is failing due to Unicode issues. From the log:

os_dir_desktop		=C:\Users/정원균/Desktop/

The installer cannot recognize the special characters that are used in the User name it looks like. This is a case we definitely need to fix so I will send you a PM so we can work with you to test this and the fix.