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I have created a joystick configuration for a certain aircraft and saved under "Save as Default for ..." . The Filename can be specified. But the file can not be reloaded and the command "Reset to Defaults for ..." does not work.


How do I save a joystick config, and then open this again at a later stage?

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What joystick is this for? My guess is that there are two files for the same joystick (maybe your custom one and our default one) and X-Plane is just picking one. 

I tried these steps and did not see an issue:

  1. Plug in an unknown joystick (in my case, the AV8R)
  2. Calibrate, then set the axes to throttle, roll, pitch & yaw as appropriate.
  3. Save the file, changing the name to just AV8R instead of the default.
  4. Change all the axes settings.
  5. Use the reset to defaults button.
  6. See the original settings come back.
Do your steps differ from these and how?