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as you can see I have a virtual joystick detected everytime X-plane 11 loading, so far I just ignore it, this virtual joystick driver comes from other controler I use (tobiiEyex) , my question is where can I disable this vjoy to prevent being detected by x-plane 11



the second question see printscreen below

multiple axes assigned to pitch, roll, well I use Hotas Warthog Thrustmaster, for pitch, roll

I also have saitek joke,  axes assigned to pitch, roll, but the pitch and roll does not work for my saitek yoke, can anyone tell me how to fix this, thanks


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It's pretty much always a recipe for disaster if you have multiple axes assigned to the same functions in X-Plane. It will pick one set to use and ignore the others. To fix this, either unplug one of the devices, or calibrate the axes then set them to "none". X-Plane should remember this in your preferences there after.
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Thanks jroberts for your respons, is it only axes which a recipe for disaster? because I do not have any issue with other bottons. or is it also typical X-plane ?