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when i start the simulation it shows that your scenery is missing and it has water instead of ground and grass . it asks to continue with water or change the location . please help !!

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You probably need to install the area where you want to fly.
To do so, run the installer and follow the steps to install or remove scenery. Expect about 10Go per region approximately.

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can you please tell me the whole process in details please ?? :) where to find this installer option . i mean are you talking about the installation process of the game . my game is working properly but whenever i open any airport like london heathrow etc it shows that scenery is missing .
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Yes, I am talking about the installation process of X-plane.

How did you install X-plane?

If you load a flight at EGLL and see water instead of the expected landscape, you are probably missing Europe scenery.
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Actually i downloaded the game from the net . There were two options when i started downloading. There was written an additional 8.11 GB of free space required . After that two options were there . one was do not create uninstaller and do not write any specific system info and second was to copy contents of CODEX directory to installer.
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What's the size of your X-plane 11 folder?
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Well the size of the setup file is 5.15 GB where as the folder which contains the installed game is 8.32GB . Do i have to download the scenery ?
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You will need at least 15 Gb of free space before running the installer again and following the appropriate steps to install the scenery you want to use (you will see a world map for that and it is all very straightforward).

Note that you could also cut/paste the whole X-plane folder onto another partition or drive.

You can also find very useful information in X-plane manual :

Feel free to post any other question you might have in mind.
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Can i download the scenery ? i got a zipfile which is of 49.4 GB which consists of Global scenery DLC codex .
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I have never seen such a file before, so I can not tell you. But you can try at your own risk.

Actually, I do not understand why you do not want to run the installer. It is the easiest and safest procedure. You can download it here :

If you forgot your product key, you can request is at info@x-plane.com
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OK thank you for that but one last thing i want to ask that ive downloaded the installer . So do i have to uninstall the game and install it again or it can work even if the game is already installed ? And how do i get the product key ? Ive downloaded the game from  a different website known as ocean of games. so how do i get the key ?
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I do not think this is an official way of getting X-plane. Be aware that X-plane licence is not free.
The official website is the following :

You can try the demo for free, it performs exactly like the full version.
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Hmmm - product key....  I know, hit the home link for the site you are posting this on and select the item you don't have a key for and then finally ---> Secure Checkout (Paypal, MasterCard, Visa are accepted!)
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You are going on X-Plane official website and complaining that you get a scenery error when you try to play a totally Pirated version of the game from Codex.  You then go on to tell everyone you have the Codex X-plane 11.00 global sceneries package (and you clearly do not know to open instructions within the archive which explain you need a no-cd crack to activate to 11.30 and then install 49 gig global sceneries package).  I am aware of this package and tried it for a day before purchasing the program which amounted to a much better experience.  You have the full pirated version of the game - and a few hundred dollars of pirated scenery that the creators of the game spent thousands of hours creating.  Its a no-brainer to install, but ask yourself if this is something you should be going to the official game forum and begging for help to make work.  Its kind of like calling the IRS and asking them how to cheat on your turbo tax session in order to get the most money on your refund slider bar - and then telling them you made 40k in unreported consultant work each of the last four years.  Codex is a compiling/software piracy group. Please tell me you used a VPN when downloading the torrents.  The water you are seeing is there because you have no global scenery installed - that 49 gig pack is for all continents - which, again, amounts to thousands of hours of effort for those who worked hard to create the game content that you pirated and forgot to install, then contacted the content authors on the official website which was paid for and is maintained by the people you did not pay to play the game you did not install correctly, illegally.  Please help me! Why won't the program you put on Pirate Bay work?  I downloaded a file that's half a hundred gigabytes - do I need to do anything with this? Help me Laramar Research!

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