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2017 macbook pro cant use function keys as x-plane doesnt allow for function keys to be dispayed via keyboard settings in mac os

called apple they said x-plane developers need to allow for the program to show function keys when run. on the touchbar.
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Function keys do work with the touch bar but agree do not show when playing.  You can permanently have the function keys shown by the settings, but I use the below to just press the keys and then release.  You have to make sure App Controls or Extended Control Strip are selected and then press Fn key to show.

Hopefully an add for this in the app itself with options for gages and displays would be great.


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having to use two hands to press a function key in a game is awkward and i feel unusable.

would be nice if support for the touch id bar were implemented.

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Does this thread help?

Maybe you have seen it already but just in case. .