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I am running Linux Mint 17 on a very capable computer.

X Plane 11 runs great, however, the joystick runs completely out of calibration once the simulation begins and you attempt to fly.

Some facts about this issue:

1.) The joystick runs perfectly fine on the same computer under Windows 10 with X Plane 11.

2.) In Linux, running the program 'jstest-gtk' reports perfect calibration.

3.) In X-Plane 11, the Joystick configuration shows my Joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) and the calibration in X-Plane appears to be working normal (until you actually try to fly.)

4.) I have followed this information:

The ailrn,elev, and ruddr numbers are way off.

5.) The joystick is the only device shown under Joystick Devices.

I am unsure what else I can do to rectify this issue. X-Plane 11 is completely up to date with all updates.

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We have a newer article for X-Plane 11 that goes through the basics of joystick set up. There's also a video at the bottom that covers how to set up joysticks that come with a default config file and without. My guess would be that your joystick has a Windows .joy file, but not a Linux one. Windows, macOS, and Linux will index the axes differently, so a file that correctly configures your joystick on one platform is *not* guaranteed to work on the other. You may need to follow the directions in the second half of the tutorial video to fully set up your device on Linux.

If those resources don't help, attach a copy of the log.txt and a screenshot of the joystick settings screen.