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Hi, I find that the instruments are frozen when I load a replay scenario but the Garmin seems to be replaying fine? Any reason for this? Thanks for your help.
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Same issue here.  From the beginning of one particular replay in the 172SP the instruments are frozen in the state they will be at 47:11, unfreeze at 47:11, and the replay then continues as it should.  The replay was a total of 54:55.

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X-Plane's Replay Mode is known to be one of the buggiest part of the simulator. Depending of the aircraft, some/none/all information will be recorded in the Replay. It's a pity that Laminar Research does not pay attention to this because since v7 they have not really provided a decent Replay mode.

The cockpit information, sometimes I have them but only the last 15 minutes and not the complete set. I repeat, it depends also of the aircraft.

The main gear. If it is a tangling gear (more than 2 wheels), none of the planes will reproduce what happened during the live flight. This is why it is very rare that somebody uses X-Plane to make a demo of take-off and landing with a lot of planes just because the real positions and movements are not saved correctly.

There are a lot of other aspects where LR completely ignores what happens outside the cockpit, it's like they don't care because the problem is there since I know XP that is v7.

The worst plane in Replay mode is JARDesign's A330 as a lot of things are not saved correctly: the red strobes, the gear position, the instruments,... It is also sometimes a bug in the aircraft but many plane makers such a FlightFactor, X-Crafts,... told me that they can't fix anything as the bug is in X-Plane.

In the videos that I do, I need to use tons of creativity to hide these bugs but I have reached my limits of always hiding the gear position, or to simulate lights that are not displayed in Replay mode.

Here for instance I had to "hide" the moment when the main gear leaves the ground at take-off, luckily the runway is not flat:

Here at 0:18 I had to add the lights on the front gear in After Effects using a frame-by-frame technique called Motion Tracking: 1 hour of work The developer told me that the bug is in XP and that they can't do nothing about it. How I did the landing gear at touchdown at 0:14? A very complex process that took me two hours to prepare and by doing it during a live flight.

I have stopped to make these clips and I can't even make a decent demo without a pilot telling me: strobe is missing, the gear's position is not correct, the flaps should not be like that, instruments in the cockpit are not correct,...