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Hi everyone, I have a major problem with my recently bought xplane11, after about 5-10 minutes from starting the game, the game has frame freezes about every minute. The freeze lasts from 2 to 15 seconds, and I don't know what causes this. I have a Nvidia driver and so I already tried to turn off Thread Optimisation but nothing changes. The framerate and these freezes don't change if I set the graphics settings to minimum or high so I really don't know what to do.
Here I give you my pc specs:

Cpu: Intel i7-6700hq
Gpu: Integrated Intel 530
Gpu: Dedicated Nvidia 950m
Ram: 8gb
Samsung SSD 850 evo 500gb

Edit: I noticed that this happens just when I start the engine(s). It doesn't matter which aircraft it is.

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Hi, have you tried to delete (or move for backup) the whole X-plane 11/Output/Preferences folder?

Also make sure you have disabled shadows in X-plane graphic settings
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I tried all this but nothing changes but I have seen thanks to the other answer that my CPU uses only 40-50% of its potential and sometimes the CPU has drops of performance down to 20%. Of the 8gb ram, the game uses 3.5gb and I have 1.9gb free so it's not a memory problem.Do you have some tips?
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Hmm.. not yet unfortunately. Expect a better use of the CPU and GPU along the coming updates because Laminar Research is currently working a lot on optimisation.
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I'm sure you've seen this already :

Have you tried hyperthreading on oandoff (i have it off) in your Nvidia settings?
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Also, can you confirm this is a clean install of X-plane? If not, can you remove or disable your additional plugins and other addons, or even install a second clean copy of X-plane to see how it performs? You just need 10 Gb of disc space, and the installer will let you install a second copy. 1 licence = 1 instance of X-plane running at a time. That's the only restriction.
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First of all, thanks for your fast answers.
It's a clean install of x plane 11 because I installed it 2 days ago for the first time. I didn't put plugins at the moment, it's 100% stock. I don't have seen the video on youtube yet, when I return home I'll try to see the video calmly and try to optimise the game for my pc. I'll let you know :)
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So I tried every kind of settings based on what the youtube video said but I get the same amount of fps and everytime the same problem. I tried to update my gpu driver (my pc needs a specific old driver because of the double gpu) but it's even worse. The 950m gpu usage is 0% and x plane runs on the integrated graphics, so I returned on the old driver. I really don't know what to do.
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Maybe you can try and go through this, see if you find any help in one of the topics...

Can you include your X-plane 11.log.txt ? It could help a lot, but I'm a bit stuck here. Maybe someone else (I am not from Laminar research) will understand what is happening.
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Here's the log :)

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I really thought about everything but not updating the gpu driver, so I updated it and it is still worse. Looks like x plane 11 runs on the integrated graphics now, it can't even reach 3 fps. Shouldn't the update bring more stability? It's the first time that I experience a better stability on an old driver.
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This has already happened to me. It's rare but possible, sometimes, to get better performance with an old driver. Usually the problem is solved with the next update.
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Thank you a lot!
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Not sure if this applies to Xplane; but in other games this freezing can often be traced to page faults -  whereby there is usually insufficient GPU memory or system memory... or both. The page fault history can be monitored in the (Win 10) Resource Monitor.
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Thanks for the tip, I encountered a 40-50% of CPU usage and drops every 50 seconds to 20%. Do you know how to resolve it?