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when I tried to startup the boeing 737-800 I couldn't because most of the switches didn't work
I updated the xp11 and still not working and I also tried to play not in full screen and it still not working

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Hi, what switches are you talking about? Can you give more details? Can you include your X-plane 11\log.txt too?
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Im talking about the auto pilot panel and the overhead panel , you can hear the "click" but nothing happen
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You should run the installer again.
If no improvement, delete or move for backup the entire X-plane 11/output/preferences

I've seen a similar thread here, you should be able to find it thanks to the search box.
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are you running the standard xplane 11 737 800 or zibo mod for example
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The standard one
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.I have the same problem and those insturctions didnt solve the problem

?Is there another way to fix it
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No :( i didnt find yet