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Hi all.  Got the notification in XP11 that there was a beta update for the sim today.  So I downloaded.  On install, I got the dialog box asking if I would like to keep certain custom files I have changed, like the intro screen etc.   When I tried to select "keep the current file"  the installer kicked me back to the previous screen as if I had hit cancel install.     The GUI for the installer has the cancel button superimposed on the Keep file button in the dialog box in the installer, so I have no choice but to accept all defaults on install.

This appears to be a bug.  LR , please advise and action if needed.   :)

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Hi, I remember Laminar Research strongly advising not to change the splashscreen.. maybe that's why.
As annoying as it may be, can you decide to replace the current file and restore your "custom" files?