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I am thinking about buying  X Plane 11, but there are some problems I have with X Plane 10 and would like to know if this was rectified on X Plane 11. The quality of the military aircraft is poor and I found that the add on's I bought was also not of good quality.( my interest is 2nd WW aircraft.) My other problem is that I can zoom in to a ridiculous point, but can not zoom out far enough to see my instruments. I think all the rest on X Plane is the best and I am very happy with X Plane 10.

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Hi, I don't think these points will be improved with a high priority because Laminar Research is a great but small team.

About the field of view though, for both X-plane 10 and 11, the key is to set the FOV (field of view) in X-plane graphic settings. I personnaly set it to 85°, but it's a very personal choice which depends on the aircraft you fly and on the screen resolution.

And indeed, trying the demo is the best idea.
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Thank you for  answering my Question. I can not find the place on the game where you can change the graphic settings. Can you help.
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X-plane 10 :

X-plane 11 :

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Download the free X-Plane 11 demo here and try. You can read more about system requirements for X-Plane 11 here. The full version of the simulator will perform exactly the same as the demo—neither better nor worse.