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I noticed something odd. There is more heat distortion coming out of the external engine on the B747 but it should be the contrary. When heat comes out of the engine, it is exhausted so fast that it can't go up for a few feet. Only after travelling at least 20-40 feet the heat starts to be visible a little bit higher. 

The heat that goes out of the engine that is close to the fuselage has already travelled under the wing and then can go up after the wing. 

So currently the logic is inverted, at least on the B747. I have not checked for the other planes.

I changed some values in the 'hdr.glsl' file in the 'shaders' folder, and everything is now clear: the shader is not on the correct position on the B747.


Furthermore, when we zoom out and thus when the plane is far, the heating effect is way to present and massively distorts visually the area around the engines and the fuselage. Usually, when the plane is flying, we should not see any distortion around the plane but more a long cone behind the engines.

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Would you be able to tell me which values you changed? I am also having some issues, albeit a little different than yours. My engine blue is completely blue. This only happens when I turn on HDR.

Thanks in advance.

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If you believe you have discovered a bug, please file them on the X-Plane bug reporter. In a case like this one, with a rendering/visual bug, please include screenshots of your graphics settings, a copy of the log.txt and the exact, specific steps it takes to recreate this. It is highly recommended to remove any plugins or addons first.

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Sorry but I did that for years since v7 for many other issues and they are still not fixed in 2017. Also there is no communication after the bug has been filed and the way Austin Meyer behaved with me during an email exchange where he didn't want to admit that he was wrong does not motivate me anymore to spend hours pointing out, filling in, making screenshots, even videos,… and at the end LR does not even propose a free upgrade to valuable testers who spent hours/days/weeks on some issues. I don't mind paying $59, I would even pay $150... but for years LR spent time for liveries, sceneries, color of the sky,... but the damn replay mode can't even manage correctly the landing gear. And now I go to ride my bike... ;-)
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If you do not want to go through the proper channels to try to handle bugs, then it is unlikely they will ever be fixed. The bug reporter form states explicitly that not every bug will receive a response so this is to be expected. If they have been around for a long time, it is highly likely LR is aware of the issue and has had to prioritize other fixes or features instead. We have a pretty small team of developers and limited time in which to do everything we and our users want.