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I am attempting to use actual flight data to create animations using the .fdr functionality in X-plane.  Everything works fairly well with the exception of the helicopters main rotor.  No matter what I try, I cannot get the main rotor to turn in the animation.  I've triple checked my parameters and made sure everything is in the correct place.  Any ideas?

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While not an expert, my guess would be that the parameter that is showing the main rotor´s rpm isn´t correctly read or translated into x-plane parameters.

X-Plane works by using "datarefs", the variables that govern all systems. There is certainly a dataref for main rotor rpm in X-Plane, the question is wether the .fdr format also provides this variable, and if X-Plane is reading it correctly.

I would file a bug with Laminar Research, and since they pride themselves with being an application with a lot of "semi-professional use", I think your chances aren´t that bad that Austin might sneak that fix into the next update. Google "X-Plane 10 bug reporter" to get to the correct site.

Good luck, Jan

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