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I downloaded the Flight Factor Boeing 767-300er and fps dropped to about 6 fps on minimal settings. I have tried different combinations of settings and restarting the game but nothing has worked. I'm questioning if it is the aircraft or the game. To download the aircraft I had to delete a few x plane 10 files in order to get the aircraft to load. Please notify me if anything can be done thanks.

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Hi, can you include yout log.txt?

You could still delete (or move for backup) the whole X-plane 10\Output\Preferences folder. Sometimes, it triggers a good fps improvement.
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Hi, This is on X Plane 11 and the log.txt there is nothing on it or in the file.
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Sorry my bad.
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Ok, luckily I have almost the same config as you :

Same B767-300ER v1.1.32 as yours, which is the latest one.
X-plane 11.05r2
GPU : GTX970, yours is a GTX960M. Benchmark here :

CPU : I5 4 cores 3.5GHz, yours is an I7 8 cores 2.6GHz :

imageDownload file


Loading times were comparable. Here are my X-plane graphic settings :


FlightFactor graphic settings don't seem to have much impact on fps, for me, but you could try and disable graphic enhancement from the B767 Ipad, in general tab, settings.

I get 36 fps, when starting the same flight as you.

You can have a thorough look at both log.txt files, if you want to compare and see the main differences, but I couldn't see many.

Make sure you have no AI traffic, that can slow down the sim sometimes.

Can you confirm deleting your preferences folder didn't bring any improvement?



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OMG! I'd like to thank you so much my framerate has in proved while keeping good graphics thank you for the picture of your settings.

Best of Luck,

Evan Hoffman
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Can you just tell us more precisely what solved the fps problem? It could be helpful for others.
I'm happy i could help :)
Take care,
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Most Likely Your Settings, but I also deleted and reinstalled X Plane 11.

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