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I am using X-Plane 11 once or twice a week, and almost every time it's stopping with the message Your demo ended please purchase the product or insert the DVD or give the License key.

I have installed Plane 11 with the DVDs, is that not sufficient? It's annoying! Every time after 10 or 15 min flight the program stopped and asks for the DVD. My computer is all the time connected to the internet and there was no interruption during the times where this happened.





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why should I buy a dongle in order to use a program, that should work without it???

And the ISO solution, if it really works, I don't see why this DVD is requested in the first place, that make no sense.

I want an answer, I bought this product, I want it running whenever I want, without interruption during the use, for me this program does not work at the moment, as I cannot use it, I am running it on a MAC and the DVD is not all the time connected.

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The ISO image is the solution right now, if you have enough disk space for that.

Inserting DVD1 has been the technic used by Laminar Research for 10 years, to check the DVD set is not an illegal copy. I am not saying it's the best solution, but it's the choice they made for X-plane 11.

If you want to swap your licence with a digital download (which requires to be connected very regularly to the Internet, and to be able to download 70Gb of files, or at least 10Gb at once), you could contact the customer service at [email protected]

I never tested the ISO solution with X-plane 11 because I bought X-plane 11 digital. I only tested it with X-plane 9.

PS : I am not affiliated with Laminar Research. I'm an X-plane user like you, who tried to give you a fast answer.

Maybe someone from Laminar Research will give you a more satisfying answer.

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In this day and age people use digital copies only. I advise you to do the same.