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When I first bought X plane 11 through Steam it would not run and this lead me to believe that my machine was at fault. After changing the graphics setting to allow the program to decide what it wanted, x Plane ran ok. I had to reduce a lot of the x plane setting to low, medium and others but it work well. However, I needed the x Plane program moved from my c: drive to my e: drive and the only way I .. could find to do that was to let Steam uninstall x Plane and the let Steam reinstall it on my e: drive. BUT…

After starting x Plane, it runs the preamble as normal but then it seems to jump directly into a fight and drops out right there. The fight seems to be in the air over some sea but that’s all you see before dropping out. IT NO longer seems to go to the start menu where one can change the settings

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Hi, it looks like your X-plane starts like a brand new install, with a "demo flight". When setting X-plane, closing and launching again, you still have the "demo flight", can you confirm that's what's happening?
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Well .... it will not allow me to shut it down. It drops out before I can shut it down. So every time I start it it does the same thing.
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Please include your log.txt then. When x-plane shuts down abruptly, modifications are not recorded. That's why x-plane keeps thinking it's a first start.
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Looking at your log.txt, I don't have so many ideas about it.
Does it still crash if you launch x-plane while your joystick is unplugged?
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I have tried that and still no go.

Are you givingup on me? Please don't. I enjoyed flying x Plane and now ..... well

Please help
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It's just that I'm a normal user, so I've got limited knowledge. But maybe someone else will have a better idea, don't worry :)

I'm surprised you had to uninstall x-plane because i think Steam has a built in option to move a game quite easily, without uninstalling it. I remember i did it with x-plane 10.

Maybe you could try and delete (or move for backup) the entire ...\X-plane 11\Output\Preferences folder before launching x-plane again.
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Sorry are you saying you are just a user of x Plane?

If so ..... why will X pane people not come and help.or  is it that they got their money and thats it?
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No, Laminar Research is very active on their forum, you will very likely receive an answer soon, especially if they see we are stuck, even if they are very busy with x-plane 11.10 at the moment. It's just that everybody can help.

Was the manipulation on preferences folder successful?
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I am afraid not. It just re-made the folder.

I hope you are right about Laminar Research
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I try to check in on this forum for unanswered questions, but it was created to have X-Plane users help each other, so community support is the main resource here. Sometimes it can be faster than trying to contact LR customer support at [email protected], but that is also always an option too.

Once the opening sequence starts, there should be a blue "skip" button at the bottom of the screen. See if you can click on that before it crashes, in order to access the main menu and adjust graphic settings. The default rendering settings may be too powerful for your system.