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I have two X-Plane 11 installations (11.05 for flying and 11.10b1 for testing)

Every time I change from one to other, during loading it asks for product key validation.

This started happening since I updated to 11.10b1 one of my two installations.

I had two installations since first X-Plane 11 beta released and this was not a case until  now with 11.10b1


Is this a bug or a new "feature" that will continue to exist?

It very annoying because I have to fill in the product key every time.


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Hi, the same question has been asked at the same time here :

And the answer from Laminar Research is as follow :

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It's strange because for me, the product key is already displayed. I just have to validate.
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If I open the XP 11.10b2 (I updated to latest beta to fix the triple monitor issue with pb1) after XP 11.05, the product key is displayed and I simply have to validate.

But If I open again the XP 11.05 after the XP 11.10b2 the product key fields are empty and I have to find my product key and copy/paste to mask to have XP validate and load.

Since XP 11.10 will be in beta for a long period this is very annoying.

I hope you can fix it (at least to have the product key displayed every time) even I think from Ben's post that this change started from XP 11.10b1 (asking for product key validation) will be unfortunately permanent.

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