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It seems the navigational data (the waypoints for GPS or other navigation mechanic to help an aircraft to fly from one place to another using waypoints in between) is not up to date in X-Plane. It is missing a lot of information, just to name a few: ADIVO and XILAN in Northen Europe.

I've spend now app. 2 hours to search a fix to this or update. For now, it seems all roads leads to a website called According to their log, this website has been quite active on keeping up the navigation database, all this is thanks to x-plane community. However for the last 2-3 years, it's been dead.

Listen, is there any other way to update the navigational database? Do you have an update to this or ready solution what to do? Help is preciated!


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We are in the process of migrating the information from to a new site. Unfortunately, the information there is a few years out of date now.

We are now using the Airport Scenery Gateway to report problems with the navigational database. Please visit and submit the problem via the "A NAVAID" tab on the page.