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I am (Jipson PJ) just a beginner in X-Plane

 We have two main requirements to be fulfilled using X-Plane. Please guide me on the same.

  1. Aircraft Model and Cockpit model availability of X-Plane
  2. We would like to use Google earth for scenery and terrine
  3. X-Plane in Mobile

As of now  X-Plane 10 demo we are using for checking all features, so we would like to know , what is the major different between, Pro edition to the desktop edition. This may help us for a purchase plan.

We would like to have some samples for starting our development for flight visualization.


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1. This section of the manual includes a list of the default aircraft. There are also many payware and free aircraft available--just do a search online for what else you want.

2. It is possible to use WED to import orthophotos into custom scenery, but that is not part of default scenery. 

3. X-Plane 10 is available as a mobile app on the Google Play & Apple App stores.

It's a good idea to start with the demo because it allows you access to all the planes and capabilities of X-Plane 10 except with a 15 minute time limit and limited scenery (only KSEA).

The Pro version is basically the same as the Global version except the license is expanded for commercial & professional use, and includes features listed on this page.