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Full version X Plane 10 version 10.51 from Steam. I wanted to try FlyInside that stated it will run on version 10.52.   Does version 10.52 exists?  If yes, where can it be accessed from?

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Hi traxap,

This forum is for the official (Laminar Research) X-plane software.

The Steam version is not the Laminar Research version.  It is a third party version not supported by Laminar Research.  Some will argue that it is but it is not.  There are comments very early in this forum from Laminar Research that they don't support Steam.

When you launch either the Laminar Research XP10 or XP11 versions there is a check box that it will automatically search for any updates and will load the latest version updates.  I can't launch X-Plane at present to check on the latest available official version for XP10.  Memory tells me it is 10.51 and there will be no further updates since the release of XP11.

I am not a supporter of Steam so I cannot advise on what happens when the Steam version launches.  Perhaps try the Steam Forums.

Hope this helps

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The current final, non-beta version of X-Plane is now X-Plane 10.51
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Hi, the latest X-plane 10 version is 10.51.r2. So people get confused sometimes. It's the version they meant by saying 10.52. It's also the version you should have from Steam and x-plane 10 will no longer be updated by Laminar Research because the development team has now been focusing on x-plane 11.
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Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question. I can see now how the 10.51.r2 version/update may have been confused with the 10.52 version.

Based on what I learned from these answers, my next X-Plane purchase will be through Laminar Research.

Thank you again.

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