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I currently own the x-plane 11.05 demo. As a result, I cannot play more than 25 minutes consecutively, so i always save my flight as a situation. However, every time I load the saved flight, these are the problems I encounter:

engines are off ; autopilot is disengaged ; gear goes down ; spoilers are at full ; and vnav is reset. All these problems encounter on the default b738, and they happen automatically when I load the saved flight. Is this a bug or just a disadvantage of owning a demo version?

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This happens very often on many planes. Try this: 

  1. Start a new flight first. Set the plane as usual and take-off. You don't need to save that flight.
  2. Load a saved flight.
  3. Go at the end of the recording of the saved flight.
  4. On the replay buttons, push on the PLAY button so the flight continues for a few seconds.
  5. Go back at the beginning of the saved flight.
Replay mode with saved flight is still one of the buggiest area in XP. The worst in that scenario is JARDesign's A330.
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I think I said I saved a flight SITUATION, not a replay, you might have misunderstood something...
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Ah damn I missed that important detail. Same conclusion: Situations don’t save all settings. That’s an everlasting problem in XP. But with some planes my solution may work.