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Updated to x-plane 11.10 r2. Right after I load onto the main menu. The crashing started to happen after I updated to 11.10.

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Try resetting your preferences to defaults. Go to the Output folder & move or rename the existing preferences folder, then restart X-Plane for defaults to be restored. If it doesn't help you can put the old ones back.

If the automatic crash report form comes up, be sure to fill it out and send it to us so we have more data on the crash.
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i have this problem and no fix...:(plugins problem?)
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I have the same problem and have submitted the error form. It seems renaming the 'Preferences' folder works on initial startup but once you exit and restart X-Plane, the problem reoccurs.
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I am also having the exact same issue, I cannot run the sim after re-calibrating yoke and pedals, feeling extremely frustrated

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