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X Plane 11 has been working for almost a year, currently running 11.30 and it has been stable for a while now. I just got a VR headset (Oculus Rift) and using it has caused multiple planes to crash the simulator (some only have functioning audio while the sim is paused, some simply fail to load, etc). Now, I have been trying to open the simulator without the headset even being plugged in. It opens, but while I'm trying to set up a flight, it just closes the program. It doesn't show up with any crash notification and the log.txt doesn't show any crash, the simulator just quits before even trying to load a flight.

This is obviously a problem. I got the $400 vr headset specifically for use with X-Plane but it has yet to work properly and now the simulator won't even run at all, headset or not.

I can attach the log.txt but I fail to see the point as it doesn't mention any issue whatsoever.

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..."I can attach the log.txt but I fail to see the point as it doesn't mention any issue whatsoever."

Really? That is like calling a garage mechanic to come and fix your broken-down car and then telling him when he arrives not to bother looking under the hood because YOU can't see anything wrong.

If you are looking for some serious community help with your problem then simply telling everyone that you have X-Plane 11.30 and an Oculus Rift isn't going to get you very far (a bit like the hypothetical car).

What are your System Specs? Is your PC actually capable of running a VR set? Does the Oculus work correctly with other programs? What addons are you using? Have you followed SOP for crashes and reset your prefs and removed all extraneous plugins? The list goes on and on... and trying to troubleshoot your problem without the log.txt as a starting point is about as pointless as your last statement.