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The De Havilland Tiger Moth is one of the most ubiquitous open cockpit by-planes  still flying today, second only to the Stearman.  Built beginning in 1931, it was the primary trainer for all Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane pilots in WWII.  It is easy to fly but challenging to fly well!  It offers a unique VFR flying experienced that simply cannot be equaled by any other airplane.  It’s fully aerobatic and just a blast to fly.  I flew one for many years but as an “old guy” who can no longer pass a flight medical, I would love to fly one again in X-Plane.  There are over a thousand aging Tiger Moth pilots out there who I’m sure would jump at the chance, not to mention all the antique aircraft enthusiasts.

There was a Tiger Moth add on available for X-Plane 8.0 or 8.1 produced by Ants Aircraft.  Details can easily be found via Google.  Possibly this code could be modified for the upcoming native mode VR version of X-Plane.  With the fantastic visibility from the rear cockpit of the Tiger Moth, the views would be mind blowing in VR with the Oculus Rift or the Vine.

To all pilots - if you haven’t experienced flight, and particularly aerobatics, in an open cockpit bi-plane, you really haven’t flown.  (I used to fly Citation and Hawker business jets occasionally in actual flight and flying my Tiger Moth was infinitely more fun.)

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Couldn't agree more,  a nice moth would be fantastic.
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Agreed, would also like to see Tiger Moth for XP11
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I am working on a DH82 for X-Plane 11. We are about 75% through the beta test. It will be freeware and is developed from the Ants Tiger Moth for FSX, with his permission.

The release date might be about the end of July 2018.

An image of the beta aircraft, currently tested by CIX VFR Club aerobatic team.

DH82 Tiger Moth in CIX aerobatic livery

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Is this project still ongoing? I would love a tiger moth for xplane 11.
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Yes, will be released end of July 2018 as freeware...
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That's great I look forward to it.

Will it have a 3d cockpit?
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Yes, only a 3D cockpit, no 2D...
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That's great news. Any chance of a paint kit? There are a number of repaint I would want to do (and share).
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Is there any progress on this?
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Any news @Aeroworx?  It looks amazing.
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Will be released Feb 2020 as a public beta
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That great news. I would be very interested in taking part in the public bata.
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Good news, the aircraft has been released as a public beta. Download it at:

Download Aeroworx DH82 Tiger Moth

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That's great news.

As this is a public beta, where should any comments or issues be posted?
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You may send comments and suggestions to the admin at or post on this Forum:

Aeroworx DH82A Tiger Moth Release

I will release a basic paint kit in a few weeks...