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Good day Laminar Research Team

As usual, I've been one of the XP11 enthusiast until now. Actually, I got my XP11 on Steam flatform and I've been playing it for abour more than 20 flight hours. I met some but I didn't get it clearly, so I decided to mail to you...

My system is:

Intel Haswell I5 4460 socket 1150

4x4Gb Panram Lightswords

nVIDIA Asus Strix 970GTX

HDD of XP11 Installation => Seagate Barracuda 7500rpm

I don't know if there is more than your recommended system requirement, but my fps was such like a disaster. It was about from 19 to 27, though I got your optimal settings on the internet. Another issue is the RAM and CPU usage, they're not stable at all due to affect directly to my experience in the game.

About the ATC. You should know that the ATC didn't guide me to land when I was over the arrival runway sometimes. When I tried to descend to lower altitude, the ATC told me to climb again, to the Cruise Level I set before. I got that twice, and it was not great at all, I'm so sure you wouldn't love it too.

And in cases, when I made my landing down to runway done, there was no ATC guide me how to taxi to the gate. I hope those issues could be fixed immediately ASAP. Maybe you would have it upgraded monthly, but I, we, the players, just need the stabilization of the game. Because we love XP11, it is realistic indeed.

Thanks and best regards.

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19-27 fps is good enough. but if it drops below 16, then that would be a problem. and for the atc, just dont use it (i dont use it too)

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I think a "970GTX" is on the lower end of recommended graphics cards. And yes, ATC in X-Plane is quite poor (I had similar experience). Sad to say, but 10-year-old Flight Unlimited III had almost perfect ATC.

Quote from log.txt: "1:40:30.592 D/ATC: p=0 (I-GLDR): Maintain 13999ft"...