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Currently x-plane is running on my C drive. C is running out of storage, I have another hard drive with plenty of space of it, can I move x-plane 11 from C to M without having to uninstall and re-install?

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Hi ifctarheel,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Provided X-Plane is located in its own dedicated directory and not mixed within your operating system files then the simple answer is yes.  It will take some time as the X=Plane directory is quite large.  The only problem you may encounter in running X-Plane is if your new drive is rated to run at a slower speed than your current x-plane drive.

You will need to reconfigure your desktop icon(s) and any associated software that is directed to your current X-Plane drive location.

Good luck with the change.

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Thanks Glenn, I thought I could, but had read somewhere I couldn't.

I know I will need to change a couple of entries in the registry so it points correctly, but that's no big deal.  

I appreciate your response