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Hello, dear developers!

URWA airport. There are "terrain chunks junction" across runway, which causes destroying of landing gear when you passing through it. It feels like small invisible wall when you trying to run over it (even with camera).

It repeats with every aircraft(even with big one, like Airbus or Boeing)

And it seems you won't fix it, so can you suggest please what to do? Any workarounds maybe? It's my local airport and I almost can't take off safely from it. :)

I've uploaded it to youtube https://youtu.be/xQltQsNrqcA?t=1m

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start X-Plane 11.
2. Select your aircraft and URWA airport
3. Select Runway, for example 09
4. Try to run over that runway.
5. After several meters your gears will be destroyed by small invisible wall

Expected result:
5. Run safely, without destroying anything.


Thank you!

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Yes i confirm that runway 09 is a lethal weapon ... destroyed my acft


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