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tow plane drifts right while initiating tow, drags you off runway before getting airborn

using v  ASK 21 .. AIRPORT SET TO KRNP runway 29
wind set to 6 knots out of the west
annoying, I have 3 hours of real frt  seat time in a real ASK21 at Owosso KRNP

2 Answers

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This is completely normal and is not a glitch, Because the Plane only uses 1 Engine, It veeres in a direction that he Engine Spins.

(May i ask does that happen in the real ASK21)

To fix this, use the rudder pedals to Counter-Act the Drag from the engine and you should be okay.
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As I said that's not true this is a software glitch it worked fine in the earlier version the rudder pedals of the sailplane only control the position of the sail plane behind the tow plane

 Have you tried it? The tow plane literally runs off the right hand side of the runway over the runway markers and through the grass
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Unfortunately that's not true on the previous version it worked perfectly.

And in real life the rudder pedals of your sailplane never control the tow plane on the runway unless you're trying to crash him they are only used correct gliders position behind the tow plane

This is a software glitch that needs to be corrected unfortunately it will probably force me into another flight Sim

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11.3 version has corrected the issue. Thank you X-Plane