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For years now i have noticed in youtube videos an on my personal X-Plane that when you fly through a cloud, the cloud itself looks normal and when you're about to pass though, it moves either left or right extremly fast around the cockpit view. when passing through heavy broken clouds, it makes it look very fake and strange.  We should pass directly though like in real life and not see the cloud change angle and move around the camera.  Is there any bug fix coming soon to address this?

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I think this problem is part of a bigger problem: X-Plane still does not detect collisions (you can fly through trees and buildings). I guess the same is true with clouds, expecting you'd have a cloud inside the cockpit if they wouldn't change direction to avoid it ;-)
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I agree it’s a problem that lies deep in the core code that Austin/Austin’s team needs to address someday.  But if that was true about collisions not detecting, then the clouds should go through the front view and in cockpit.  Also, I have detected collisions when flying a wing into specially designed objects like buildings for fun, so I think there is some code in there but it’s up to scenery dev to use it correctly.  


IMOA, I think XPlane needs to address a few core issues to make the sim more lifelike.

  • Better real-life physics (Clouds and objects).   When the plane crashes, it bounces….   I wish real life was that way. Lol
  • Clouds that move left and right and never truly pass thought the camera like in P3D, FSW, FSX, or other sims.  This is the only sim I have ever noticed this in.  Maybe Austin could let us know why he programed this in and what was the reason years ago.
  • Object and Material physics, much like BEAMng.   When a plane is built in the XPlane sim, it should have structure, bones, hinges, thickness, weights, material strings, etc.…. so the plane can have natural physics within the sim and not just overspeed stress points.  If this was added, we could have a hard landing causing mechanical stress on the struts and stress on the connected structure.  (With Settings), over time this could lead to failure and real-life situations.
  • Also, incorporate a application like Ortho4XP into the XPlane native tools. WOW, wouldn’t that make this sim crazy awesome?
  • Programming in more flight dynamics so that the plane shakes on the ground and in the air with air pockets, smooth/rough air, bumpy surfaces, etc…  again adding more realism without installing plugins like XPRealistic.  This should just be part of the physics engine.  With other engines out these days, its apparent that some of the design coding was not addresses on the physics side.  Don’t get me wrong, Austin is doing an amazing job adding details to planes and sim, but overall when your plane wing tip hits and object and goes through it or bounces and nothing happens…  make feels video game ish and not true sim.  I would like to see more dev time put into the objects physics and object properties.