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I don't like not only the overall representation of this effect of snow on runways and aprons, but most of all THE PHYSICS! I hate that filling of being a cow on the ice. Aircraft almost uncontollable on speeds above 5 kts. I need some "hardware" solution to be able to still use the real weather function.

Adendum. I think that snow falling ≠ snow is everywhere in airport like it's there for a weeks of unmaintaining surfaces of apron and runway. Actually, this snowy conditions on rwy's and apron usually present for a not so long period of time before cleaning. I need USUAL behaviour of airplane and not to feel like snow is your DOOM and you'll finish your flight somewhere in the bushes near opposite end of your landing runway.

here i've taxied from forest to the left of rwy

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Curious as to what settings (or add-on) you used to get the snow cover...?
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Thanks for the pointers. Downloaded the Winter package and JSGME - it all installed fine and went thru the winter activation process, but couldn't see any winter/snow effects. I have Ortho4XP installed; and, it may be a case of getting the scenery files in the proper loading sequence.

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Why not switch from "Use real weather" to custom weather if you don't like snow? Or use real weather, but move to a place where the weather is better. Personally I like the experience of bad weather (while disliking ice on the wings)...
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Because i like to fly where i need for my personal reasons, And i don't like to avoid flying into EVERY airport with even -SN in METAR, because XP will make an ice lake on apron in that place.
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Hello all, waiting for physics coding of friction in X-Plane i wrote a lua script which fixes a little bit this amazing curling effect

Daniel aka diaboloxpfr
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Thank you! Will try it!