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When I bought my Rift, it came bundled with an Xbox controller.  I don't yet have the Oculus Touch controllers.

I signed up for Steam VR and got that running in their home room with the Xbox controller.

When I launched XP 11.2VR, I ended up in a hangar with a board in front of me showing the Graphics tab in Settings.  I tried every button and lever on the Xbox controller, to no avail.  Then I tried turning off VR to get the flight started thinking I could then turn it back on.  Unfortunately, as soon as I check the box, the mouse no longer works, so I couldn't click Done.  Even so, VR was in the hangar, but the monitor was in the cockpit.

Does the Xbox controller not count as a controller?  I also have the Oculus remote fob, which has a little navigation and selection capability.

I've been using FlyInside with LeapMotion, my mouse / keyboard and joystick with XP for about a year.  I can already tell the frame rate is MUCH improved.  Congratulations.

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At this time, X-Plane VR only works with at least one controller. More information on the process for other options is available here if you're interested.

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Says they are working on joystick/mouse/HMD support without a controller... hope this comes soon as will be my dream come true. Where as at the moment it’s literally unusable to me