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Hi, I have been a Windows 10 X-Plane 10 and now X-plane 11 user for several years.
I'm building a new PC, more memory faster disks, big graphics card.
How do I deactivate/uninstall X-11 from the old PC and install/activate on the new Windows 10 PC?
Does X-10 have to go with it as some sort of license activator.  

Thanks in advance.


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You can download or copy the content of X-Plane folder to a new computer. You can use the same product key for your personal computers. You will need to purchase another license if you run X-Plane on multiple computers at the same time. X-Plane 10 is a separate product so it is not needed to copy/install it for activation of X-Plane 11.
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Thank you ScruffyBaton4 for the answer.


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I have dedicated drive letter X: to X-Plane, and it's a separate disk. So In principle, I could just connect the disk to a new computer and be happy (if X-Plane doesn't have a hardware-dongled copy protection).