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I was able to run between 25-30fps before the upgrade to 11.11. After that I cannot get more than 13fps even if all graphics settings are set to low.

I performed a clean installation and have not upgraded to 11.11 and I'm still facing the same issue.

My config:

CPU: i5-4570 @ 3.20GHz

MB: Gigabyte Z87-HD3


VGA: Radeon RX 480 Nitro+ at 8GB


Can you please help?
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Same issue here.. Dramatic fps drop! I had 22-28 fps during flight and now i have 17 tops!

That makes my experience not enjoyable, makes me angry and the sim is defenitely not flyable.. Thats sad!
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I hear that a lot. But I couldn't replicate this problem. Never had it either.  Do you have onboard vga active? Its a random thought, but I've never got this issue. Also make sure that you set gpu to its max performance manually (to test any change). You can try disabling the hyperthreading.
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I have an on board vga. Should I deactivate it you think?

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I had exact same issue, so did others. I have 8 core i7 xeon 16GB and 6GB NVidio geoforce.

I started a thread below (x plane v slow after update) in which there are some suggestions incl fiddling with anti-aliasing, tried them, tried disabling plugins, no joy, checked all drivers up to date.  Did a data dump and max 14 fps with all sliders to low sitting on runway. My CPU only using max 20% but cpu and gpu times are similar at .09 down to .07 sec each per frame.

Tried to load xplane 10 to see if that works ok and now they seem to have disabled key so it won't run xplane 10 also!

I tried opening a few windows over xplane and there's oodles of unused computing power - other applications run happily over th front with xplane in the background and xplane taking up 20% most cpu, others a bit, still 60+% cpu idle, 50% ram unused, the disk is SSD so no obvious bottlenecks

Definitely a bug in the latest upgrade.

Hopefully we can consolidate threads and someone find a fix.

Meanwhile, does anyone know how to downgrade to xplane 11.x whichever it was that last worked ok?
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The only way to downgrade is to perform a clean install, and then not to upgrade on 11.11. But... as you can see from my post I did that and I still have the same problem. This is super strange because is as if the upgrade has changed something (dont know what) that has affected xplane in total.

My CPU is also on around 20-25%
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Someone suggested changing power setting from balanc

ed to high performance on my thread but that didn't work for me. Attached is a screenshot showing graphics sliders way down and task manager.

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I'm in the same boat.... Definitely caused by the XP11.11 update..
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I found I didn't have quite the latest nvidia upgrade/update, did a clean install of that, no difference (if anything slightly slower now!).  I also note nvidia does drivers which auto-optimise for loads of games, no chance of xplane collaborating with them?)

Screenshot showing graphs of all 8 processor cores - only 3 seem to be doing much, down to 8 fps in flight at medium settings (and seems to me surprisingly few threads given how much is going on), problem does seem to be new version may have been re-written to use few cores/threads and so doesn't run well on multi-core machines.

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I also updated to the XP 11.20 beta. I did that prior to the power setting change, but it had the same issue, until I changed power settings. I also run in Window mode, I see you are running full screen across multiple monitors. Is there any difference when running on one monitor?
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11.20 is for VR users. It wont make any difference to this problem....
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So.... I solved the problem!!!!

1. Updated the drivers of my Radeon RX 480 Nitro+

2. Connected the monitor (...and I dont know why it was connected there!) to the Radeon VGA instead of the on-board VGA.