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I bought X-plane 11 global edition from Amazon and when trying to install the game from the DVD's, I'm not able to go beyond disk 4. Disks 5-7 appear to have something on them from the packaging and I get an error at disk 5 that asks me to either cancel installation or try to continue and repair later. I tried to continue and repair later but was unable to do so. Any suggestions for a fix? Can you allow me to download the game online and I'll return the DVD's? Thanks for the help.

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Not part of laminar research. But what I would do is just return the disks and purchase and download online. When I tried the disks it never worked, but when I downloaded from online it worked fine, no problems. Right now I’m loading it onto my new ssd, hoping to get it to run faster. Good luck. Lawson Laslo
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Thanks. Did you purchase the download from the x-plane website or Amazon?
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straight from there website.
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Hi dpagel,

Support the developers, Laminar Research, not a 3rd party profiteer.

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You could try to copy the DVD to harddisk; if that fails, I'd return the media as defective, but make sure you didn't scratch the disk yourself.