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For whatever reason, after just reinstalling XP11 on a new system, my X-55 Yoke and Saitek Rudder pedals never seem to save the control axis assignements (Roll, Pitch, Etc.) I've got the latest drivers but everytime i configure the axis go back into the game, they are reset to none when I open the setting again.

I've tried using the default profile for the Yoke and Pedals but even that doesn't work. Weird thing is that for some strange reason my X-55 Throttle quadrant works perfectly.

Any help would be appreciated as it worked fine before on my old system

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Hi Trystan,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.  Here is a possible solution.

Do you still have X-Plane loaded on your "old system" where everything worked?

If so, just copy X-Plane from your old system and paste onto the new system. You will need to have sufficient storage capacity to be able to do it.   The proviso is that you had the old system loaded to your desktop or created a dedicated directory.  If you loaded  and "mixed" it into other files then you have a problem.

AS an alternative if you had X-plane loaded to a dedicated drive in your old system, as many flight simmers do, remove the drive and reinstall it into your new system

All should work.  All the best.

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If  I could I would have but my old system died so I was unable to retrieve it, so I had no choice but to do a fresh reinstall
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I might have found a work around, I basically removed the joystick profiles from the joystick profile folder and booted up the sim and reconfigured the joystick manually and it seems to have saved the axis this time, I'll try it for a bit and report back.

Seems like there might be a conflict with the actual joystick profiles causing this issue