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Hello Xplane team.

Recently I purchased two downloads, The new version World Traffic & the A350 download.

Since the download errors have become apparent.

The A350 did not load.
World Traffic loaded however within Xplan11 configuration bar next to ASK21. World Traffic appears with a ? in the box! Is normal?
X55 Rhino issue, an uncelebrated device notice for Saitek Pro Flight, has appeared - next button is no longer accepting uploads.

I have reviewed tutorial calibration.

Per tutorial - Calibration of the Rhino throttle, No image appears Axis 1 & 2 accept -  Axis Next highlighted, but does not load?
Additionally, when access Rhino 55 to full throttle accept access disappears, next out box highlighted, however, the option to load is not accessible! Is there a patch for this?

* Additionally, 75% of the newly added C130, is not visible once loaded.

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We can only help with issues with the default simulator here, so you will need to contact the store or the developer of the A350 & World Traffic plugin.

For help with the throttle, attach a copy of the log.txt and screenshots of the windows you have problems with. A picture's worth a thousand words, after all. :)
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Thanks. I have 5 images jpg's. However, I do not see a staple link to send attachments!. Personally, I find this link cumbersome. I favor direct email of best yet a phone number of VOIP chat.
Thank you.
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You are always welcome to e-mail [email protected] or call 913-269-0976 for support.

There are two ways to attach documents on this site: the icon that looks like a black sheet of paper with a + icon, or the one to the right of it that looks like a landscape picture (the second one requires you to upload it to the server first so it has one extra step).