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The Saitek TPM throttle doesn't work for me in new XP11 installation. The calibration looks good, but in the plane (C172), the throttle doesn't work.

On the calibration screen I see a pink warning saying "Multiple axes assigned to throttle, prop, mixture".

The calibration screen for my Proflight Cessna Yoke also wants to calibrate throttle, prop, mixture, but there are no such controls on that hardware, so I clicked "Ignore Axis" for those.

I have tried the advice of removing the output preferences folder, but that didn't help. It just made me have to reconfigure all my hardware settings.

Any solutions?

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Problem solved. On the Proflight Cessna Yoke configuration I set the throttle-prog-mixture instruments to 'None'. The Throttle and Mixture from the TPM then worked.
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 I need help...

I can’t get the throttle to work on my xplane 11, I am using now the Saitech TPM system, the throttle won’t work, mixture knob is okay. Even when i use the mouse to push the throttle in, it comes out on its own on the screen. I deleted the preference file many times, calibrated the throttle many times with no luck, and restarted the computer and xplane countless times...I am not sure what is going on, it was working earlier but not now. I even plugged back in the old Saitech regular throttle and same thing hamper again!!!

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