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I've been trying twice to install my newly purchased Xplane 11. Only install a small area, and make it install to my desktop, as mentioned in the manual. But everytime I get a this message several times:

Unable to read from a .zip file (short-read error). It may be missing or damaged.

What to do?!?

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I tried using another program to extract the zipfile, and that did the trick, so now I have a working xplane 11 installation

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Attach a copy of the installer log.txt from the desktop. Check that X-Plane has access through a firewall or other protections.
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Thank you for your answer. I don't know how to attach the logfile
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Use the icon that looks like a paper with a + in it, or the icon that looks like a landscape picture.
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I can't see any icon with a + and the icon with the landscape can't contain the text in my logfile, cause it contains too many words! hmm