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digital download of Xplane 11.  I have purchased and I entered my product key.  I unzipped the file so I don't know what more to do so it can access the file??

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Just read this after posting my own similar question. Im installing from DVD but same error mssg. very frustrating.
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Hi Paul

I have been corresponding with mcb047 about a similar matter, which is knowing how to unzip the X-Plane file and then knowing what to do after that?

The only difference between you and mcb047 is that you are downloading a digital copy of X-Plane 11 whereas mcb047 is installing from a DVD set.

However following a bit of research, I believe that you must be referring to the X-Plane 11 file that you've downloaded from LR's website as a prelude to downloading the full X-Plane 11 application, is this correct?

If I have assumed correctly then, I have prepared a number of instructional slides that may be of assistance, per the following link :-

Also please refer to this link, which is Laminar Research's instructions on how to install the Digital download:-

I think the main issue that your having though, is how to download and unzip the X-Plane file, which is where my slides may help?

If you need any further information, please just let me know?