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I purchased the full version and downloaded Xplane 11.20beta VR.  Upon selecting "enable VR hardware" I get the "crash reporter" dialog box asking for email/comment, then Xplane closes out.  I have the Vive headset.  SteamVR installed and running fine with other VR games.  Have EVGA Geforce GTX1080TI and Intel i7 8700k with ASUS Rog Strix Z-370E motherboard and 16 gigs of 3000 MHz ram.  Running Windows 10 home (brand new computer from CyberpowerPc, brand new install).  I tried launching Xplane 11 both before and after launching SteamVR.  Please help!  If I unplug the VR system, I can launch Xplane with "enable VR hardware" checked.  But after I replug the VR, the "enable VR hardware" gets unchecked automatically.  Please help!

(By the way, I can play it fine with FlyInside XP, but want to try with your internal VR)

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I am having the same problem with my Oculus.  Please help

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There are probably individual processes you can try to stop, but in general we've found that the simplest way to reset things is to restart the entire computer. A lot of times this "just works" and will allow you to use VR when you try again.
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Restarting did not work.