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When I bind anything, and press the button, it doesn't work. Nothing bound to my keyboard work, but things bound to my joystick do.

I've tried reinstalling the game, sorting through my plugins folder, and reinstalling add-on planes (I initially thought it only happened in those, but now I realise that it's the sim).

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi, can you include your ...X-Plane/log.txt file?
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I added it to the post, sorry.
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You should try to remove third party additional plugins. Most of the time, such interference comes from plugins that trigger conflits with default X-Plane. Once you've isolated the guilty plugin, you should report it to it's developer.
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This was it! It was the sasl plugin (from FlightFactor I think). Thank you for the help! Not sure how to report it to them, any suggestions?
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I don't think SASL is precise enough. Make sure it's installed correctly :

Try to see on other forums if this is a known issue.

It might come fron the SASL plugin itself, in which case you should report that to SASL developers.
But it might also come from another third party addon (aircraft) that uses SASL, and in this case you should report it to the addon developer. If it's Flight Factor, you sould contact them here :
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And programs outside the X-Plane universe may "steal" key presses before the application sees them. Like Control+Alt+PageDown on the PC making your screen "upside down".