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Some people with X-Plane 11.11r2 say that they have the smoke under the wheels at touchdown with any planes, and some others say they don't have it at all whatever the plane. Who is running 11.11r2 and does not have the rubber puff at touchdown? Thank you?

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Maybe tell us about the runway condition: I know that "smoke" occurs when the runway is wet. The other reason could be breaking force: If it exceeds some threshold, "smoke" appears (and some noise, maybe).
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I have just made a test with a brand new iMac where I have installed the demo version of X-Plane, so it’s the purest version possible. And there is no smoke puff at touchdown whatever the graphic settings.
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If you look at real landings, smoke appears when the runway is dry and not when it is wet.
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I asked a friend who just bought a new iMac to make the test with the demo of X-Plane and he has the same issue: no smoke on touchdown. Another friend whose on the latest version on Windows says that he does not see smoke at all.

Why is Laminar silent about this? Just a simple update to tell us what's going on. I can't make some clips with that lack of realism... :

Thank you