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where are the buildings at the airports? Only runways and bare ramps. The only airports with everything are the ones it the custom scenery. Am I going to have to buy or download it from forum? Why aren't the airports populated? All the advertising and videos make it sound like it's all there.

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They didn't mention that, you will have to get additional airports to enhance your experience. Fortunately, now this is a strong point of the community and tons of freeware airports are beginning to spring up. I even provided some links to some great freeware scenery. 



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X-Plane updates regularly include user-enhanced scenery. You can search for airports on the Airport Scenery Gateway to see if an airport has been enhanced (please note that any scenery with the artist WEDbot is only the default scenery with runways and some pavement). We are making it a priority to improve the largest airports first though.