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I've just installed X plane and i can enable VR mode,  the VIVE controllers are being tracked but the INPUT is not recognised. I mean, i can't grab or selected anything.  

Some advice would be appreciated,
Thank you!
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I understand this is an old topic, but I found a solution to this, so maybe somebody else googles this page and can use it:

1. Delete the "Output" Folder within the X-Plane folder in the steam folder
2. Start X-Plane
3. Go to the VR Settings in X-Plane and FIRST add "vr mouse" and only after that activate VR
4. With the mouse, go the the joystick tab, select your controller on the left and then press "set back to default values" or something like that. Then repeat step 4 with the other controller.
5. Then go back to the vr settings and deactivate the "vr mouse"

Worked for me in X-Plane 11 (11.20 I believe was the version).


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Try going to the Settings > Joystick screen and calibrating the controllers.
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Same problem for me       . Xplane 11 and steam VR both in BETA.   i tried this option but i dont succed to calibrate correctly the vive controlers.... angry


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Did you start X-Plane and go directly to calibrate the controllers? There is a known bug that if you start a flight first, then try to calibrate, the UI will stop responding.
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i start X plane and i choose a plane first (NOT IN VR)  then i go to the "VR HARDWARE" menu and i click on "enable VR harware", the game finish to load and i begin to play in VR mode..   As "protospace" said,  the VIVE controllers are being tracked but the INPUT is not recognised. in order  that we can't grab or selected anything on the pannel by using the Vive controlers.

At this point you can restart the game and click on "enable VR Mouse" before " enable Vr hardware" , it s allow you to click on the pannel front of you  and you can go to "joystick menu" but i dont understand how to reinitialize the vive controlers with this menu..    crying